Class #27 – Haida Bottle | 4 LEFT

Students will learn traditional Haida weave techniques and designs using finely, hand prepared Alaskan yellow and western red cedar from Thorne Bay, AK. Cobalt blue spray bottles are include or choose from a selection of similar sized and varied shapes offered by the instructor. You will learn a square to round start, triple twine, fish eye (open weave/cross warp) and a sweet finish at the top! Several colors will be available to accent the weave at the top as an option. Twining experience is a MUST. Waxed linen twining experience is a great base to learn from.


Thursday, May 11


Pam Hermann

Ability Level


Materials Fee



2” diameter x 6” high (or similar size/shape of bottle selected)

Tools needed

small awl, bone awl, spray bottle, large towel, paring knife (no bucket)

A Note About Tools!

Tools needed for each class are noted at the end of each class description. Please make your best effort to make sure that you have what is needed. Tools are available for sharing but it can often slow down class progress.

For those flying to Vermont, Stowe Basketry Festival water buckets will be available.

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