Class #3 – Medium Ash Bark Mokok

The Mokok is a Native American basket style used in the Northeast Woodlands. It is rectangular on the bottom and oval on the top. Students will learn harvesting techniques, how to sew bark with spruce roots, how to bend and split the red willow to shape an inner and outer rim, how to split roots and make various stitching patterns. All materials are harvested in the Northern Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.


Tuesday, May 9


Jennifer Lee

Ability Level


Materials Fee



6” high x 10” long x 6” wide

Tools needed

awl, scissors, knife, needle nose pliers, water bucket

A Note About Tools!

Tools needed for each class are noted at the end of each class description. Please make your best effort to make sure that you have what is needed. Tools are available for sharing but it can often slow down class progress.

For those flying to Vermont, Stowe Basketry Festival water buckets will be available.

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