Class #8 – Oval Shopper | CLASS FULL

Learn a strong and steady way to build an oval base! Students in this class will work with willow to learn a traditional English underfoot oval base and then weave a functional and beautiful shopper with it. The base is woven in pairing and reverse pairing and the basket sides are built up with 3 rod wale, a choice of side weaves, including English rib-rand, and 2 rod slew. A four rod wale, woven border, and wrapped handle complete the basket. Students must be comfortable bending over at the hip to complete an underfoot base, and must have strong hands for weaving willow!


Tuesday, May 9 and Wednesday, May 10


Jesica Clark

Ability Level


Materials Fee



12” wide x 15’ long x 10” high (without handle)

Tools needed

Students are not required to bring any tools, but here is a tools list for the class: high-quality pruners, rapping iron, bodkin, fid, measuring tape, “very important tool”/conditioning tool: a seamless hard cylinder 2.5-3” in diameter, such as a rolling pin or can of air, weight

A Note About Tools!

Tools needed for each class are noted at the end of each class description. Please make your best effort to make sure that you have what is needed. Tools are available for sharing but it can often slow down class progress.

For those flying to Vermont, Stowe Basketry Festival water buckets will be available.

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