Class #22 – Turkey Track’n Tray

A simple round basket with a twist. The spokes will be glued in and weaver-ready for class. There is a section in the basket which I titled “turkey tracks”. It is a combination of twining and weaving with two colors of round reed. The handles are attached down towards the base of the basket and also at the rim which adds a unusual look.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Marilyn Parr

Ability Level


Class Length

8 hours

Materials Fee



12.5” in diameter x 8” tall with handle

Tools needed

Scissors, packing tool, small needle nose pliers, measuring tape, clothes pins, spray bottle, shaving tool and board, small 2-3” square sand paper and sponge.

A Note About Tools!

Tools needed for each class are noted at the end of each class description. Please make your best effort to make sure that you have what is needed. Tools are available for sharing but it can often slow down class progress.

For those flying to Vermont, Stowe Basketry Festival water buckets will be available.

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